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Seedtec Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in June 1984 with factory located at No. 13-17, Jen-Shing Rd.

Taiping, Taichung, Taiwan. The company address was changed in 1998 to No.121, Chen-Fu Rd. Taiping, Taichung.

In 2011, Seedtec moved to new factory building in Dali city, Taichung.


Foreign Markets


Domestic Market

( Machines )


Monthly Capacity

Seedtec specializes in designing and manufacturing a wide range of precision surface grinders such as,
precision surface grinders, NC surface grinders, CNC surface grinders, special-purpose grinders,
rotary table surface grinder, and cylindrical grinder, etc.
Seedtec surface grinders are sold under the brand name of SEEDTEC in foreign markets.
Currently, the total number of employees at Seedtec is over fifty.

Our monthly production capacity is approximately 50 machines, among which,
80% are sold to foreign markets and the remaining 20% are sold to the domestic market.
Our major markets cover Europe, the Americas, China and South-east Asia. Under the production and sales separation policy,
Seedtec's machines are sold through authorized distributors and agents.
With the most dependable quality and services, Seedtec's machines have been sold all around the world.


Brief Profile



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Prototype of cylindrical grinder (4-axes CNC) finished. SEEDTEC launches 3600 rpm spindle for 1632 TS.


SEEDTEC launches column moving type, 20/24 TS/P series SEEDTEC launches YRG-03/06


SEEDTEC launches YRG-04


Prototype of column moving surface grinder finished


New factory in Dali city opening in April.


ISO 9001:2008 certification obtained.


SEEDTEC launches micro feeder for cross movement on NSG-618H+


SEEDTEC launches NSG-618TS (Single servo axis for vertical, fully automatic) and APS-818PF2.


SEEDTEC launches NSG-618 and YSG-1632TS with auto-dresser.


SEEDTEC launches multi-plunge/ contour/ step surface automatic grinding and conversational touch panel control for APS-1224 P/S and APS-618 P/S.


SEEDTEC launches APS-1632 P/S, YSG-1632TS. Renewed ISO 9001:2000 certification. APS P/S series CE certification obtained.


SEEDTEC launches MPG added on manual/ hydraulic model, and stepping motor system for vertical movement. Cooperative development new model with Andmar (UK) for APS-1632 P/S.


SEEDTEC launches APS-618/818 A/P/S series.


SEEDTEC launches APS-618A. Obtained ISO9001:2000 certification. In order to expand the China market and provide better/fast service for customer, Suzhou factory established in Sep and production/service started from Dec.


SEEDTEC launches YSG-1632GP/1020NX/618B1S/1020B1S


SEEDTEC launches 4-axes CNC and 2-axes NC servo control surface grinder, YSG-1224CNC/YSG-1224GP


SEEDTEC launches following models with in this period. YSG-614/614S、YSG-618/618S、YSG-618/52H/AH/AHDYSG-1020H/AH/AHD、YSG-1224AH/AHD、YSG-1632AH/AHD、YSG- 618/52 A1S Obtained ISO9002 and CE certification.


SEEDTEC launches the very first 618 and started to sell to US and Hong Kong.



With same interests’ employees, committed to build the solid foundation for Taiwanese machinery industry. 
Constantly developing new products to cope with customers’ and markets’ demand, and endless pursuing improvement for its quality and functionality. “The pursuit of perfection” to increase efficiency without any compromise to optimize process, and ensure the development of corporate is sustainable with flourish.

+Integrity    +Honest    +Diligent   +Thrifty

+Contributes to society respectfully

Brand Promise


Corporate Governance​

SEEDTEC is not stock market listed. It’s a privately owned company. Because the company is based in Taiwan, our Corporate Governance is subject to Taiwanese law. This concerns in particular the three corporate bodies: shareholders’ meeting, Board of Directors and Supervisory Board, as well as their reciprocal relationships.

The Corporate Governance of the SEEDTEC ensures responsible, transparent management which focuses on long-term and sustainable success. This is in the interest of the company, its shareholder, its employees as well as external stakeholders.


SEEDTEC has from the outset pursued a strategy of sustainability. SEEDTEC supports this sustainable development, and the financial independence.

However, our understanding of sustainability goes beyond. Our strategy aims to bring economic, ecological and social objectives into line with each other.


Our behavior must at all times correspond to our Fundamentals and Corporate Values, legal regulations as well as social norms. This applies in all of the countries in which we are active. Compliance to external and internal rules is obligatory for all those who work in the SEEDTEC. We have laid this approach down in our Code of Conduct for Managers and Employees.

Risk management

Following the trend of the global trade activities, SEEDTEC are exposed to a wide variety of risks. These are an inevitable part of any corporate activity. In order to identify, evaluate and rigorously tackle these risks from an early stage, the SEEDTEC has set up a risk management system.

Economic responsibility

Our guiding principle is to finance our growth exclusively from our own resources. By this means we secure our financial independence for sustained positive development. Our goal is to create values and to boost the value of the company.

Long-term positive development is more important to us than short-time success.
This also applies to our expenditure on research and development, which is consistently above the sector average, as well as to the high levels of investment and the development of new business fields.

Ecological responsibility

Environmental protection is one of the central objectives of the SEEDTEC. This is not distinct from other goals, but is instead an essential component of the long-term corporate strategy. An integral part of the striving for the highest-possible product quality is the efficient use of resources. This applies not just to our production processes, but also to our products. The aim of our environmental policy is to pursue a balance between environmental protection and business efficiency.

Social responsibility

Our economic actions are based upon social principles which we have undertaken to exercise in relation to our employees, customers, suppliers and other business partners. We are keen to ensure that the capital at our disposal is deployed in such a manner that we are able to offer our employees interesting and secure places of work. Of particular interest to us in this conjunction is our determination to provide young people with training, thus giving them a good start to their professional careers. Ensure the future, health protection, further training, industrial safety and the encouragement of diversity within our company are important issues when it comes to promoting our sustainability.



At present, SEEDTEC has obtained ISO certification ISO9001:2015 and UKAS quality management 005, both are related to product quality. Every department in the company is committed to achieve the goals of raising customer satisfaction by improving product quality.


SEEDTEC believes the quality and accuracy are no longer the only concern of the customer,

and how to minimum the environmental impact by machine manufacturing process and customer’s operation are also vital points for our next generation.



UKAS quality management 005

UKAS quality management 005



Open opportunities

Vacational tranining

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