SEEDTEC offers complete and quality support after the purchase of products.

If any failure, accident, trouble or error cannot be handled by instructions given in the operation manual occurs during the use of any SEEDTEC product, please contact SEEDTEC by using the form below. SEEDTEC service team will respond as soon as possible.


Let us know which you are interest.

Please fill following forms, and let us know which model you want to know more, our sales team will contact you as soon as possible.


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SEEDTEC would like to know more about our customer, therefore, if you are willing to filling the registration,

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Trustworthy with SEEDTEC’s machine and service.

You can depend on the quality of your machine. All the SEEDTEC products offer 1-year warranty, with normal operation (No any mis-operational accident such as collision).


Material ensures that your machine has everything it needs.

We keep thousand original spare parts in stock for you.

An experienced team of spare part handle exclusively with the identification and shipping of the spare parts which you require.

These meet the high quality standards of SEEDTEC.

We can also supply original spare parts for older machines.


Rebuild ensures your machine to work just as reliably as if it were new.

We will gladly provide you with on-site advice regarding the overhaul of your machine, and the machine will be overhauled by our fully experienced employees.

A machine overhaul comprises:

  • Complete dismantling of the machine 

  • Renewal of the guide ways 

  • Repainting of the machine and components 

  • Construction of the machine and the associated geometry 

  • Recommissioning including functional and geometry inspection 


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